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The Power of Water


Water the Sacred Element of Life. The Elixir of that nurtures our thirst and keeps us alive. Without water we would dry up and die. This Sacred Element keeps us alive by hydrating the body and is the living liquid that flows through our body. It can be seen as the bodily fluids that move through our body and is released by saliva, tears, urine, blood, and semen. Just as water keeps us Alive, it is liquid energy so

tooWater is Alive. Read More

Aquarius Life Water Case of 24 16.9 oz Purified Water Bottles Energetically Charged with Love and Gratitude
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Aquarius Life Water


Energetically Charged Water using Sacred Geometry with the Power of Love and Gratitude.

The Flower of Life and  The Intention of I love you and Thank you have been scientifically shown to grow the water molecules into snow flake shapes.



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