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Karina Skye's Album Release "Be The Light" New Moon Sound Healing Concert with Crystal Bowls





































You are invited to ride the sound current towards Cellular Alchemy as you are bathed in the beautiful Music of Mantra and Crystal Bowls performed by Karina Skye & Jay Schwed. 

Jonathan Goldman in his book the 7 Secrets of Sound Healing he presents a formula for sound healing which is Sound + Intention = Healing.

This night you will experience Healing at the Cellular level by way of this Formula. 

Sound Healing + Reiki with intention = Healing 


The power of Sound Healing is believed to effect us at the cellular level as we are made of sound vibration. 

This will be an opportunity to restore balance and internal harmony while you are blissed out by high vibrational Sound Healing Conscious Music by way of Crystal Bowl, Mantra, Movement and Energy Healing
























It is well known that music plays a big part on shaping our society. Yogis have been using music as a tool for the mind for thousands of years. This technology is called Mantra. Karina Skye, being not only a singer/ songwriter, but also an experienced Yoga teacher, could not help to yoke her two passions into this special album. She bases her lyrics on conscious and inspiring messages, Yoga philosophy, and altruist ideas. She creates positive phrases in simple, easy to remember, but exquisitely arranged melodies, with the purpose of empowering, inspiring, and healing the listener. And taking the idea of healing to the next level, Karina presents this album entirely recorded in the healing tune of 432Hz. This style of tuning, created by Pythagoras, follows exact numeric ratios that also relates to Sacred Geometry ratios. It is believed to be the sound vibration of the Universe and studies have shown that this style of tuning affects sand and water (consequently our bodies) much differently than the popular tuning of 440Hz used in all mainstream music and pre-tuned instruments today. The 432Hz style of tuning is well know as the "healing tune", and its calming and restoring effects may aid in deep healing of one's mind and body. 
Karina Skye bathes the listener in light through this unique, inspiring, and uplifting album. 
Sing along, heal, and “Be The Light” with Karina Skye.



Karina Skye

Karina is a multi talented heart centered Singer Song Writer/ Yogi who blends the healing arts with her musical gift to deliver healing at all levels through her original music. 

About Jay Schwed

Jay has been a health care practitioner since the early 80's. In 1994, inspired by an Esalen workshop, he bought his first set of "singing" crystal bowls. In the following years he taught himself how to play and began travelling and giving performances/workshops.

Jose Argiz

Reiki Masters

Digiridoo Sound Healers

Joda Cook

Mike Wolf

The Intention Behind The Album

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