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Ella Vate

The Month of Gemini holds the energy of Soul Mates/Twin Flames. Join us on this New Moon Of Gemini as we connect to the energy of twin flame and set an intention to bring it forth into our lives or use the energy to strengthen an already existing connection. We begin the evening in a Tantra Puja Ceremony Lead by Lisa Lumier & Ella Vate where we will be given the opportunity to connect with the ethereal body of our twin flame or if you are already in a relationship this we be an opportunity to strengthen an already existing connection by way of sacred ceremony. The Puja will be held in a safe manner with no nudity. Followed by the Puja Michelle Alva will be guiding us through her Nurturing Moves movement practice where we will stir up the ethers so as to bring down our intentions and plant them into the world of physicality. Set your intention and allow the energy of the new moon to bring it into manifestation.

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