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The Power of Water


Water the Sacred Element of Life. The Elixir of that nurtures our thirst and keeps us alive. Without water we would dry up and die. This Sacred Elemeent keeps us alive by hydrating the body and is the living liquid that flows through our body. It can be seen as the bodily fluids that move through our body and is released by saliva, tears, urine, blood, and semen. Just as water keeps us Alive it is liquid energy, so too Water is Alive. Water is Organic, has memory and has intelligience all of its own. Its consciosness is connected to the Consciosness of the Collective. Water is made up of Crystals and just as we use Crystals for the purpose of memory within a computer. Crystals allow the water of the earth to document and remember our planetary history. As we our born from our mothers Womb, where we are enveloped in water we come born with 96% water content as we age it diminshes to 76% and then in our elderly years to 35% which is physically apparent in the the appearance of wrinkling as we age due to the drying out of our body. Our Cells are primarily water and in fact crystalized water.That right!!!! Our Cells are Water with Crystals. As already mentioned we use crystals for memory in computers. Water has crystals. Our cells have Crystals. We have the dormant ability to connect and communicate with the water of the Earh because we are the Waters of the Earth. 


There is a Japanese Scientist Dr Emoto who has studied water extensivley and has discovered by use of Thought, Sound, and Imagery that water reponds to Thoughts of Love and Fear, Sounds of Order and Chaos to see his work please visit the Following website.


A Water Crystal itself will take on the shape of a Crystal Snowflake that is a Six Pointed Star which in Yoga this six pointed star shape is used as a symbol for the Anahata Chakra which is the Heart Chakra. This six pointed star in Judisasm is the symbol of the Star of David and the Seal of Solom. 


Further more in Nature and Mathematics this 6 pointed star in three dimensional form is what is known in Sacred Geometry as Metatrons Cube. which is formed by combining the 5 platonic shapes of Creation the 5 Plantonics Solids. This shape called Metatrons Cube in Hermetics is the Merkaba the Chariot of the Soul which lies in the Hearts of men and woman to becactivatied and opened by exerciseing love and compassion for others for we all are interconnected and one just as we our one with the Earth and its nurturing waters.


When water is loved and appreciated its Crystals are created and born into healthy 6 pointed star shapes this is what gives water the ability to heal and this is what gives the water in our body the ability to heal. 


With the power of thought and by sending loving thoughts to water and eachother we heal the water and inturn the water within us.


Nueroscience has shown that the mind can not differentiate between what it imagines in our internal mind and what its sees in the phyiscal world which means that when we judge or curse others with negative thoughts the mind and body connection just tune into the negative judgmental thought and recive it as judgemt and cursing of thyself and the waters of the body receive this and may potentilally make one sick.


This is the Marvel of Water and its power.


Like the late and Famous Martial artist and Philiospher Bruce Lee once said


"Be Like Water my friend"  Join the Mission


Water Crystals









Aquarius Life Water


The Age of Aquarius and the Mission of Aquarius LifeWater


As we have entered the Age of Aquarius the Age of Water Bearer. We are moving into a time where the power of water is being realized. Water is precious and Sacred and must be honored for water is life. As we age we dry up like a prune as the water of the body diminishes.The Waters of the earth are becoming polluted, parts of the earth water is scarce and no where to be found, our friends the creatures of the sea our losining their lives due to the toxicity within their environment. 


People are living with polluted water or with none at all. Very recently in North Broward residents have been warned not to drink the water provided through their kitchen faucets. The Mission of Aquarius Life Water is to bring awareness and the healling, life giving force of water to all. While also bringing education to all of the Power of Water. To raise consciosness as to what water truly is, a living organic conscioussness with integillence and memory which is an extension of each and every one of us human beings on earth as we are made of 76% water in adult hood. We must tend to our waters, keep them clean and clear free of metals, contaminants not only of physical substance but of mental and emotional toxicicty. Scientific study is leading me to be believe that water has the potentials to be sacred medicine for healing, a source for free energy,and carrier of wisdom & knowldge. Inviting me to take a closer look at my relationship with the elements of nature.  but that is just mine and  a few many other belief. Our mision is to bring awareness to this powerfulful force of nature, so that we can care and heal our waters by simply realzing that the waters of the earth are the waters within us and that by healing the waters of the world we heal the waters within. 


Immediate Profits earned from the sell of Aquarisu Life Water will go to support Dr Emoto Message of Water Childrens book and Hado Ambassador program to further the education of Vibration on water and the education of the power of water to children.


That is the immediate agenda for the purpose of Aquarius Life Water at the very moment, but this is just the beginning........


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