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I am an integrative energy healer, holistic physical therapist, belly dance teacher, yoga therapist, speaker and writer. I offer private one-on-one and group "experiential" and "multi-sensory" lectures and workshops at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach. My passion is to educate and empower individuals to re-connect to their innate power through a combination of eastern and western self-healing modalities.

Integrative Healing Therapy sessions with Michelle Maniaci, PT, RYT, EHP, CIIM seeks to align, balance and clear your body, mind, breath and spirit. Michelle allows herself to be Divinely guided to bring you a deeply healing, empowering and transformational experience that teaches you simple and effective ways to clear, align and reconnect to your Authentic Nature that is always Whole and Complete.

Heighten self-awareness as you allow past traumas, tensions or stresses to release for a profound sense of serenity, vitality, pleasure, openness, and relaxation on all levels. Healing Energy is especially beneficial for stress reduction, anxiety

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