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Paloma Devi



Singer, musician, scholar, dancer and yogini, Paloma Devi brings an eclectic musical and cultural background to every performance.She gratefully travels the world spreading her song and is still Fresh from 2 months on the road with mantra leaders Deva Premal, Miten, Manose,Maneesh De Moor and present collaborator Guruganesha Singh. 

For the last 15 years Paloma has been studying and teaching various forms of Yoga around the world in Retreats from India to Costa Rica, focusing on Hatha, Kundalini and specializes in Vocal Yoga techniques to enhance and facilitate creative flow in her students.

Every class she teaches and every note she sings is steeped in devotional service, and brings the discipline, generosity and strength of a lifelong spiritual pilgrim.

Paloma holds a Degree in Religious Studies, Asian Studies and Dance which permeates every inch of her musical world. You will surely take this multicultural journey alongside her when you see/hear her next.

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