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The artist of L'Humanite shares her light in the Paintings from her minds eye and soul that are rich full of colors. Sara Molano also gives us her gift that she creates from nature LANA, this natural fiber is the new brush which she creates. With Soap, water and a little magic. Sara designs these Unique colorful and poetic pieces for you.

"I been follow by a Moonshadow, Moonshadow, Moonshadow"
Moonshadow / (Sombra de Luna) 
There are items you like here and there.. and there are your Moonshadow. 
The ones you look up for them every day after the shower, Or the ones you touch to make a wish. The items that talks: I meditate, Help the planet, i love yoga and I am alive, love music
A Moonshadow...Is a part of you. Yo cant go anywhere without it. Your lucky ring, your favorite Tshirt, your hamsa, your secret perfume. 
This album is a creation of very special items. Pick for you with love and intuition so maybe one of them can be your next Moonshadow.

2013 "MOONDANCE" by Sara Molano



2013 preview my new collection: "MOONDACE"... I personally pick or design this incredible pieces. They are created to bring into your life good luck and protection. Before you wear it, you make a wish.


Sara Molano began painting when, at the young age of six, her mother found her doodling on the walls of the house and quickly entered her into art classes. This was in Medellin, Colombia, where Molano was born on December 15, 1975. At 15, Molano moved to Chile's capital, Santiago, and entered the art school Abadia.

She found herself in her first exposition at the Palacio de la Alhambra (Fine Arts) where her work as a young new artist was praised. Her choices then were landscapes using oil, but upon her arrival in Miami Florida three years ago, Molano discovered acrylics and has been using this medium since.

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