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Valerie Silidker






Founder of Inspired Life Workshops and Expand the Love. Transformational Catalyst and Inspirational Speaker, who has been empowering individuals and groups both nationally and internationally for over 15



Val Silidker, MS, is a Deep Ecologist, event producer and transformational guide, as well as an inspirational speaker, MC, writer and facilitator, who has been building community and empowering individuals and groups both nationally and internationally for over 15 years. 

As an inspirational speaker, Val delivers eloquent, energetic, thought-provoking and interactive presentations that address the core of who we are and the state of our world both internally and externally, while challenging individuals to question deeper and see the world with new eyes. Val also designs, directs and facilitates transformational workshops, where participants can explore themselves and their interconnectedness with life, and works intimately with groups and individuals to inspire them to ask deeper questions, discover their purpose, passions, strengths and the depths within them.

Val Silidker has a MS in Ecology and Education and BA in English and Mythology with continued focus in experiential learning, ecopsychology, wilderness therapy, movement, cosmology and systems thinking.

Inspired Life Workshops is an invitation to a deeply meaningful life.

Through life-transforming workshops and individual coaching, Inspired Life provides you with the expert information, practical tools and wisdom you need to feel completely empowered to live your full potential and achieve true happiness. Together, we explore the depths of your true nature, your dreams, your greater purpose, and the unique beauty within you. 

Our programs are all designed with the same intention: to inspire you with the knowledge to transform your life from the inside out. Join us in one of our upcoming workshops to discover your most powerful self and truly live an Inspired Life!


    Expand the Love is an organization dedicated to building community and uniting communities who share a common vision: the transformation of our world through gratitude, awareness, compassion and wisdom. Through mindful living events, featuring music, dance and the arts, gatherings, workshops, and ceremonies focused on personal development, mind/body & environmental awareness, ETL creates sacred space to celebrate life and share our gifts as we learn and evolve together.

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